Fleet Maintenance Division

Goals & Service
The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining all City of Callaway fleet vehicles and equipment. Through the cooperative energies of all employees, we will provide safe, efficient, and reliable motorized vehicles / equipment in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Fleet Maintenance will continuously provide exceptional customer service and promote professional development. The division works as a team to accomplish the goals and objectives in a courteous, responsible, and professional manner.

Fleet Maintenance Division's responsibilities include the following:

  • Repairing and maintaining 40 vehicles, 16 medium duty trucks and 91 pieces of construction equipment, as well as 60-plus pieces of hand held / lawn equipment
  • Providing road and field service repairs on disabled and non-movable equipment
  • Assisting the safety officer on accidents and information for safety meetings
  • Procuring, storing, and distributing gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as exploring all other usable alternative fuels
  • Assisting in developing annual capital vehicle / equipment replacement listing
  • Procuring parts via government / state contacts and operating contracts the city has with local general parts companies
  • Managing and coordinating repairs on vehicles involved in traffic accidents, vandalism, and assisting with insurance information, and replacements of vehicles
  • Coordinating with other departments for more extensive vehicle or equipment repairs which are handled by the shop staff
  • Providing support for other city division's during stormy / rainy weather and any other emergencies
  • Managing Fleet Maintenance Pollution Prevention Program to minimize the potential for any stormwater pollution