Responsibilities & System Features

The Water Division provides the public with clean and safe drinking water, and ensures water for firefighting capabilities. Our responsibilities include the maintenance and repair of the entire water distribution system, as well as the installation of new water-related infrastructures within the City of Callaway.

Our system contains miles of various-sized water mains, 6,400 meter connections, and 531 fire hydrants.

Water Quality Report: Water Conservation

Withdrawing of water from the Florida Aquifer is governed and closely monitored by the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWDM).

City’s Water Quality Report (PDF)

Water conservation practices are not only recommended, but required by law. The NWFWDM requires us to educate the public in conservation matters concerning water usage. Pamphlets to aide and assist the public in water conservation are available free of charge at the Public Works building.

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