Land Development Regulations


The primary purpose of the Land Development Regulations (LDR) is the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Callaway, as adopted pursuant to Chapter 163, Part II, Florida Statutes, and in accordance with Florida Administrative Code, 9J-5.

The City Commission deems it necessary to adopt the LDR for the following purposes:

  • Guiding and accomplishing coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development in accordance with the existing and future needs of the City
  • Protecting, promoting and improving the public health, safety, comfort, order, appearance, convenience, morals, and general welfare
  • Conserving the value of land, buildings, and resources, and protecting landowners from adverse impacts of adjoining developments
  • Protecting the character and maintaining the stability of residential, agricultural, business, industrial, recreation and public areas
  • Controlling and regulating the growth of the city, concentrating the more intense development in capability and limiting development in areas of low capability
  • Directing and controlling, through the establishment of performance standards, the type, distribution, and intensity of development
  • Being equitable, in terms of consistency, with established regulation and procedures, and respecting the rights of property owners while taking into consideration the interests of all the citizens of the City of Callaway