Process of Code Enforcement

How a Case Begins 

Code Enforcement cases can begin in a number of different ways; most commonly, a complaint is called into the Code Enforcement Department by a citizen. 

General Outline of Case Progression

Case progression can vary depending upon the nature of the violation or a number of variables, however the general progression of code enforcement is as follows:

  1. A complaint is received by the department.
  2. An inspection is performed to verify that a violation exists on the property.
  3. The resident and / or property owner is then notified that a violation(s) exists and is given a reasonable period of time in which to correct the violation(s).
  4. A follow-up inspection is performed to verify that the violation(s) has been corrected.
  5. If compliance is not voluntarily achieved, a formal Notice of Violation (NOV) will be issued stating a reasonable amount of time for the violation(s) to be corrected.
  6. If the violation(s) is not corrected by this time, the violator may receive a citation and the fine will repeat daily until violation is corrected.  In the case of an unregistered/inoperable vehicle a citation will be issued and the vehicle will be towed if it remains in violation for longer than the specified time.
  7. If the respondent chooses to dispute the citation or for more serious violations the Officer may elect to present the case to the Special Magistrate who will decide what the fines will be.  If found in violation by the Special Magistrate, there may also be administrative and legal fees in addition to fines.
  8. If the violation(s) remains after the decision of the Special Magistrate, the City of Callaway will take the necessary actions to correct the violation and a lien will be put on real or personal property.
  9. Unpaid liens may result in possible foreclosure on the property.
  10. To dispute a citation you must submit in writing, a request for hearing, to the City Clerk within 20 days.  Once you have filed, fines will cease and the Special Magistrate will determine if citation is warranted and if so what fines, administrative and legal costs will be.

Contact Us

For further information concerning the process of Code Enforcement, please call the department at (850) 871-4672.