Common Code Violations

Ordinance Infractions

The City of Callaway Code Enforcement Department enforces the following violation types.

  • Accumulations of garbage, trash, and other materials in the yard may be a violation of Ordinance 950, Section 9.7-1 Definitions - Nuisance, which state:
    • (1): "Any accumulation of litter, refuse, construction or demolition debris, trash, junk and other abandoned materials, metals, lumber or other things are prohibited."
    • (13): "The term nuisance shall also include any condition or use of premises or of building exteriors which is detrimental to the property of others or which causes or tends to cause substantial diminution in the value of other property in the neighborhood in which the premises are located. This includes, but is not limited to, the keeping or depositing on or the scattering over the premises of any of the following: (a) litter, junk, trash, or construction or demolition debris; and (b) abandoned, discarded, unused objects or equipment such as, but not limited to, automobiles, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, cans or containers."
  • High grass, weeds, and other unattended growths of vegetation may be a violation of Ordinance 950 Section 9.7-1 Definitions - Nuisance, which state:
    • (2): "Any excessive accumulation of unattended growth of weeds, underbrush or other dead or living plant life upon an improved lot, tract or parcel of land, in the manner that such lot, tract or parcel of land shall or may become infested or inhabited with rodents, vermin or snakes, or may become a breeding place for mosquito, welfare, or may reasonably cause disease, or adversely affect and impair the economic welfare of the adjacent property are prohibited."
    • (4): "Any weeds which exceed 1 foot in height are prohibited.
  • Inoperative / Unregistered vehicles may be a violation of Ordinance 950 Section 9.7-1 Definitions - Nuisance and Section 15.760.12 (Land Development Regulations), which state in part:
    • (12): "The unsheltered storage for a period of 30 days or more of automobiles not in good and safe operating condition is prohibited. This includes boats, R.V.'s, trucks, cars and all off road recreational vehicles."
    • Section 15.760.12: "The outdoor storage of inoperative vehicles is prohibited. The LDR defines inoperative vehicles as a vehicle that does not have a current registration, a vehicle that is not in running condition or has parts missing."

Complaints / Additional Information

If you have found one of these violations, please file a complaint. For additional information, please refer to the City of Callaway's Code of Ordinances.