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Tree Removal
Permitting Information
The removal or trimming of trees by owners of single-family dwellings undertaken on the single lot or parcel upon which the dwelling is located shall not require a permit.

However, if you own a commercial or multi-family property, please contact the Planning Department at (850) 871-4672 for information regarding tree removal and permitting.

Bulk Debris Removal Information
Property owners often negotiate with private contractors for tree removal / tree trimming services.It is important for property owners to negotiate the cost of the bulk debris removal (sections of branches or limbs) so they do not incur additional fees for excess solid waste removal.More information about excess solid waste removal can be found here: Excessive Trash Resolution.

Property owners doing their own trimming also have the option of placing the debris (branches) by the road for pick up in smaller amounts over a period of weeks to avoid any addition fees and costs.If you have any questions; please call 850-871-1033.