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Fences & Walls
No fence, wall, or barrier structure shall be placed beyond the front facade of the house unless exempted by the city's Land Development Regulations (see exceptions below). A wall or fence shall be permitted only within any side or rear yard, subject to the following provisions: 
  • All walls and fences must conform to the following provisions: 
    • No roofing, beams, lattice work, barbed wire, or other material or structure shall be attached to or placed upon such wall or fence.
    • Vertical calculation of height shall be made by vertical measurement from the lowest point of natural ground level along the length of a wall or fence.
    • Any wall or fence that faces a public road or access way shall face the finished side of such wall or fence toward the public road or access way (i.e., the paneled side for a wooden privacy fence).
    • The maximum height of any such wall or fence shall be eight feet. 
  • Hedges and shrubbery shall be permitted within any yard; provided that said hedges and shrubbery shall be maintained so as not to exceed a height of three feet above established ground level within 20 feet of the intersection of two street right of way lines or the intersection of said lines extended.
  • All fences and walls shall be regularly maintained to continue their structural integrity, to provide a neat appearance, and to preserve the aesthetic character of the neighborhood. In the case of exterior subdivision walls, the homeowner or condominium associations shall be jointly and severally responsible with the residents within the subdivision for the maintenance of said exterior wall.

Note: A permit application is not required for a fence or wall.

If you are seeking a special exception for a fence or wall, please contact the Planning Department at (850) 871-4672.