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Accessory Uses, Buildings or Structures
If you would like to construct an accessory building, such as a shed or a carport, on your property, you will need to consider the following:
  • Accessory buildings and structures shall be limited to a maximum height of 24 feet.
  • Total combined building coverage of all principal and accessory buildings and structures shall not exceed the maximum building coverage allowed within the applicable zoning district (check with the Planning Department at (850) 871-4672 to see what zoning district you are in).
  • No permanent building or structure shall be located within a publicly dedicated easement.
  • There shall be full compliance with the off-street parking and service requirements of the applicable zoning district.
  • Detached accessory buildings and structures - such as garages, carports, and storage sheds - may be located within a rear or side yard provided that the building or structure be located at least five feet away from any property line and not closer than 10 feet to the principal structure. They may not be located in environmental setbacks. Setbacks from wetlands, bayous, and/or bays may apply as well. See additional information about setbacks.