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Emergency Operations
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Building on fire
Ben Sheffield

Dustin Crum

Chris Sauls

252 N. Star Ave.
Callaway, FL  32404

Ph: (850) 871-5300
Emergency: 9-1-1

The Callaway Fire Department is a fully paid career department that serves the citizens of Callaway and the unincorporated area of Bay County on the east side, protecting 20,000 citizens and 107 square miles.

The Callaway Fire Department apparatus include: 
  • Four Engines
  • One Brush Truck
  • One Chief Office Truck
  • One Service Truck

The chief oversees 15 personnel with the help of three lieutenants, each of whom is responsible for a specific 24-hour shift. Shift personnel work a 24-hour shift with 48 hours off between shifts, for an average of 53 hours worked each week. Shift change occurs at 7:00 am each day.

In addition to responding to fires, medical calls, and other emergencies, personnel are responsible for maintaining their equipment and station, developing pre-fire plans for businesses, conducting continuing education and skill training, providing public education in fire safety, leading tours of the station, and participating in community events.

Additional Information
If you have any questions about our emergency response operations, please call us at (850) 871-5300.