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The City of Callaway has 4 proposals submitted to the State of Florida Deepwater Horizon Project for RESTORE Act Funds. All of the proposals seek funding for capital improvements, including stormwater drainage and potable water system improvements.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection provides more information concerning the Deepwater Horizon Project on their website.

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Kimbrel Ave Drainage Improvements

This project consists of the replacement of 3 existing ERCP culverts with two 3x5 box culverts. The existing culverts have several joint failures that are undermining the roadway and need to be replaced. This project has been designed and permitted and is shovel ready. This project will also provide upstream and downstream slope stabilization. The intent of this project is to provide the proper roadway safety to citizens of the City. This project will also reduce the amount of sedimentation that is entering East Bay.

Sandy Creek Water Main Improvements

The proposed project consists of approximately 7,675 LF of 6” PVC watermain, 8,160 LF of 8” PVC watermain, and 3,100 LF of 10” PVC watermain. This project will also include 38 new fire hydrants throughout the community.

Poston Drive Improvements

This project consists of the paving and stabilization of an existing dirt roadway (Poston Drive) for the purpose of improving water runoff quality within the St. Andrew Bay System. A roadside swale system is also proposed in an effort to convey stormwater runoff to the point(s) of discharge. The roadway is located within the limits of the City of Callaway (City). The intent of this project is to reduce the impact of sedimentation and pollutant discharge into East Bay which part of the St. Andrew Bay System.

Project Number
Geographic Region
Project Title
Florida Counties
Estimated Cost
Submitted By
1539PanhandleCity of Callaway Kimbrel Ave Drainage ImprovementsChoctawhatchee-St. AndrewBay$160,196City of Callaway 
1547PanhandleCity of Callaway Sandy Creek Water Main ImprovementsChoctawhatchee-St. AndrewBay$1,424,588City of Callaway 
1558PanhandleCity of Callaway Poston Drive ImprovementsChoctawhatchee-St. AndrewBay$584,089City of Callaway 
745PanhandleStormwater Retrofit Projects Choctawhatchee-St. Andrews RiversBay$12,733,000City of Callaway